Creamy Pearl of LexLin

Birthdate: November 30th, 2008

Color: Palomino Pearl Blagdon

(e/e a/a CR PRL W20/W20)

PSSM1: n/n          

FIS: n/n

Breed: Gypsy Vanner / Gypsy Cob

Registered: GVHS (GV03285P)

Height: 13.0 hh

Sire: Golden Boy IRE
Dam: Foundation Mare IRE

Talula is a life-long horse for us. As soon as she off-loaded from the trailer, we knew she was one that was going to stay forever. Talula is sweet, cobby, and full of dynamite personality. She is the most trustworthy girl. She's the one you can get on and ride after being a pasture puff for a year or more! She is solid, she is sweet, and she is charming with her loving attitude. She's the always go-to for everything, and literally everyone's pick to ride. She's just so honest and steady. 

She has had beautiful foals for us. She's so far thrown 2 fillies with us, and 1 filly when she was on breed lease a few years back. Prior to that, she had 1 colt, and 2 fillies at LexLin Gypsy Ranch, who were her importers. She was purchased from Clononeen Farms, in the UK, and originates from Ireland. She was finally DNA verified to her sire, which was exciting! 

Talula is due to Magic in June 2022, and Veterinarian confirmed it as a colt. We always love our Talula babies, and we love what a fantastic mother she is. 

Talula's Foals

*~* Talula is bred back to Southern Magnolia Irish Black Magic, due May 25th, 2023 *~*


LexLin's TN Flare

Palomino Pearl Mare

Sired by Posh Willy


LexLin's Irish Whiskey

Palomino Pearl Gelding

Sired by Posh Willy


LexLin's Buttercup

Palomino Mare

Sired by Clononeen TN Honey


C&B Meet Virginia

Palomino Pearl Mare

Sired by Ruby Sky Golden Lion


FLF Bless the Blagdon Road *RIP*

Black Pearl Blagdon Mare

Sired by FLF Full of Surprises


C&B The Daylily Filly

Palomino (with Pattern 1) Mare

Sired by DJ Del Fuego


C&B The Magician

Black DBL Pearl Stallion

Sired by Southern Magnolia Irish Black Magic


C&B _______________


Sired by Southern Magnolia Irish Black Magic

2024 *Last Foal*

C&B _______________


Sired by Chywoon Remington