DJ Esme

Birthdate: September 3rd, 2014

Color: Smoky Black Tobiano 

(E/e a/a Cr TO/TO)

PSSM1: nn

FIS: nn

Breed: Gypsy Vanner / Gypsy Cob

Registered: GVHS (GV03828)

Height: 14.2 hh

Sire: Ruby Sky Golden Lion
Dam: SD Esmeralda

Esme is a more recent acquisition, but she fell into our hearts the moment she arrived at our farm. Her kind disposition, her gorgeous feather and conformation, left us in awe. She was instantly adored, and her sweet expressions and tippy ears just melt your heart.  

She was loved and raised by our friends at L'Egance Farm, and she produced 3 gorgeous foals for them (2 fillies and 1 colt), and graced us with a stunning Smoky Grulla Tobiano Filly, who is our second 2nd Generation C&B Foal!    

We are going to be starting Esme under saddle 2023, so she's given a job! We like working animals, not just breeding stock, we want them to do more than just produce greatness!

Esme's Foals

*~* Esme is bred to Southern Magnolia Irish Black Magic, due July 29th 2023! *~*


L'Egance Elsa The Ice Queen

Smoky Cream Tobiano Filly

Sired By Astro Boy


L'Egance Dun N' Style

Grulla Tobiano Colt

Sired By C&B Dun N' L'Egance


L'Egance Nashota

Smoky Black Tobiano Filly

Sired By Astro Boy


C&B Lady Nightshade

Smoky Grulla Tobiano Filly

Sired By C&B Dun N' L'Egance


C&B __________


Sired By Southern Magnolia Irish Black Magic


DS __________


Sired By WHR Macallan